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In early 2003, we recognized a need for the sport of table soccer (foosball), a way to boost performance.


We set out to design just the right product to up our game on the pro-tour level of table soccer. Known as some of the best foosball players in the world, we knew what it would take to gain that extra edge.​

bonzini Montreal.jpg

And so Masterwraps was created, offering players a variety of styles and colors for handle overlay grips. We are the leading provider of sport grips designed for table soccer players, no matter the table type.

Our products now extend to all handle style sports, providing the same quality and performance enhancing grip with a variety of styles. Our overlay wraps are a fit for everything from table tennis, field hockey, golf, racquet sports and even the most creative of ideas. 

To need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

~ Tony Dorsett

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